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Clicking on the link leads, in fact, to the installation of malware allowing pro-Assad hackers to log keystrokes and to snatch screenshots of the target’s computer, which is effectively put under their control.Other techniques have included hijacking email accounts of opponents to send out phishing messages to their comrades promising urgent information on the movements of government troops.

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The top security official said there have been six operations against the highest-profile foreign and UK-based cyber criminals since the NCA was founded three years ago.Catherine de Medici in the 16th century operated a “Flying Squadron” of beautiful female spies recruited for their skills teasing secrets from lovers at court.And the Germans had seductress Mata Hari in the First World War.The unit offers technical, strategic and intelligence support to local and regional police forces.Back in the pre-digital era the femme fatales working for shadowy spymasters actually had to apply themselves in bed, or come very close to doing so.

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